White Collar Crime Defense Experts

Assisting in both Federal and State defenses for White Collar Crime Allegations

Cyber Centaurs has digital forensics and cyber security experts that can assist counsel both as consultants and as testifying experts in white-collar defense matters. Our team has the specialized forensic expertise needed to assist in a variety of complex white-collar criminal cases. Our profound technical ability combined with an understanding of the legal matter makes our team a forceful resource for your and your client’s case. Regardless if the objective is to present your own digital forensic evidence or to better understand the technical aspects and strengths or weaknesses of the prosecution’s evidence, our team will be able to provide you with unbiased facts of the case.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Having a consultant examine your client’s digital communications devices such as smartphones and computers, can provide you with a better understanding of how to position yourself for the ongoing case, as well as to be able to foresee what exposure your client may have if such devices are to be turned over during discovery or by requested court order. Regardless, of whether the allegations involve concealment, material misstatements, fraudulent documentation, or incomplete asset declarations, our team of digital forensic experts can swiftly give you a head start with your case evaluation.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud allegations are often complex and involve several federal statutes. Our team can assist you and your client in the capacities of consultants or testifying experts for computer and smartphone activity. This can be of tremendous value in embezzlement, concealment, overvaluing of assets, and misrepresentation of business value allegations.

Insider Trading

As with all White-collar crimes, alleged insider trading is a serious allegation. Our team has various abilities to determine if certain information was available to the public and to preserve that information. Insider trading is generally prosecuted under section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U.S.C. § 78j). If a 10b5—1 Plan, is in existence, being able to show via metadata or other means that the plan was in existence for an executive, before any insider information having been obtained is also a crucial aspect in many insider trading defense strategies. Our team can assist with these and other investigations.

Money Laundering

When it comes to alleged money laundering, digital communications and activities on a smartphone and computer can be crucial when examining if there was a lack of knowledge. Likewise examining the sources of funds and any digital communications related to these funds can be a key aspect of any defense strategy.

Securities Fraud

In modern times, heedless of the type of securities fraud that is being alleged. Electronically stored information (ESI) is almost always a crucial key component for both the prosecution and the defense. Regardless of whether it’s a High Yield Investment Fraud, Foreign currency fraud, Pyramid scheme, a Hedge Fund related fraud, or concerns regarding an Initial public offering (IPO). Typically, communications over text messages, emails, and social media platforms are common as the evidentiary source and must be properly evaluated for their authenticity.

if your client is being investigated by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), Internal Revenue Services (“IRS”), Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), or The U.S. Treasury. You need a qualified computer forensics expert that has experience in White-Collar crimes on your team.
“I retained Andrew von Ramin Mapp to provide a forensic evaluation of electronic data in a complex criminal case. His testimony, both in deposition and trial, clearly explained the process and results in terms that the jury understood. Andrew’s responses to vigorous cross-examination were concise and spot on. I have participated in approximately 200 jury trials, including many complex civil and tobacco cases. Andrew is without question one of the very best expert witnesses in terms of competence, professionalism, and presentation. I strongly recommend Andrew von Ramin Mapp and his team at Cyber Centaurs to any law firm.”
Stan Griffis
The Griffis Law Firm, LLC