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Employee Data Theft Investigations

Cyber Centaurs’ Employee Data Theft Investigation (EDTI) Model is the most advanced process for corporations to investigate employee theft of trade secrets, confidential documents as well as employee misconduct. Learn more about our EDTI Corporate program for managing Employee Data Theft Investigations. Cutting Edge, Flat fee services, Fast and Accurate Results!

Employee Data Theft, Confidential

Digital Investigation Services

Confidential Data Theft

Companies are Threatened by Trade Secret Theft

The theft of trade secrets has increased year over year. With an ever more competitive free market, the stakes are high. Many companies in the US and abroad are looking for an edge. A competitor often targets key employees to obtain client lists or marketing strategies. Or disgruntled employees may also volunteer this information. With USB flash drives, free cloud storage, and plenty of work-from-home opportunities, the theft of trade secrets has become even more tempting.

Everything you need to know about what to expect from a trade secret investigation


Trusted Expertise in Digital Investigations

Cellebrite Certified

Our Mobile Forensics Examiners are Cellebrite certified and utilize the latest versions for mobile phone collections, extractions and examinations.

Of course, at Cyber Centaurs, we do not only rely on Cellebrite, but have a plethora of tools and solutions that we can cater, specifically based on your phone and type of case.

Tested Expert Witnesses

Cyber Centaurs has court-tested and qualified expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses have testified in both state and federal cases and have withstood Daubert challenges.

We can provide a precise testimony and explain complex mobile phone technology to the Judge and Jury in simple and understandable ways using analogies and diagrams.


Cyber Centaurs is a niche-focused cyber security firm with a specialization in digital forensics and data breach investigations.

Our deep dive collection and analysis methods allow us to conduct mobile forensics services on over 10,000 different mobile devices, sim cards and cloud storage platforms.

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    What to do if you suspect Employee Data Theft?

    Company Confidential Files, Trade Secrets at risk?

    At Cyber Centaurs, we specialize in investigating Trade Secret Theft. We have developed a custom toolset to quickly identify the technical artifacts that may show proof of relevant files being copied. In addition to the profound technical understanding, our experience in investigating these types of cases has also allowed us to understand the culprit’s mindset and think outside of the box during Trade Secret Investigations. We can assist you and your firm as either a consultant on the case or as an expert witness..

    Employee Data Theft

    Comprehensive Digital Forensics Solutions

    We Know What to Look For

    From many years of experience investigating trade secret theft and corporate espionage, we know what signs to look for.

    Work with Law Enforcement

    We work closely with the FBI and other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

    Multiple Service Levels

    Select from multiple service levels based on your needs. This can include the urgency of the cases, as well as the required level of detail for the case.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Employee Data Theft?

    Employee data theft refers to the unauthorized access, copying, or removal of sensitive and confidential information by an employee for personal gain or to benefit a competitor. This can involve intellectual property, customer data, trade secrets, or any proprietary information that the employee is not authorized to take or use.

    How are Employee Data Theft Investigations Conducted?

    Employee data theft investigations typically involve a combination of digital forensics, internal audits, and HR collaboration. Digital forensics experts may analyze computer systems, email communications, and file access logs to trace unauthorized activities. Internal audits help identify gaps in security protocols, and collaboration with HR can provide insights into employee behavior, potential motives, and relationships within the organization.

    What Are Common Indicators of Employee Data Theft?

    Indicators of employee data theft may include unusual access patterns, unauthorized copying of files, a sudden increase in data transfers, or suspicious communications. Changes in an employee’s behavior, such as disengagement, dissatisfaction, or signs of preparing to leave the company, may also be red flags. Identifying these indicators early is crucial for effective investigation and prevention.

    How Can Digital Forensics Help in Employee Data Theft Investigations?

    Digital forensics plays a pivotal role in employee data theft investigations by examining electronic devices for evidence of unauthorized access or data exfiltration. Experts can recover deleted files, analyze network activity, and reconstruct timelines of employee actions to establish the scope and details of the theft. This information is vital for both internal investigations and potential legal action.

    What Steps Can Organizations Take to Prevent Employee Data Theft?

    To prevent employee data theft, organizations should implement robust cybersecurity measures, including access controls, encryption, and monitoring systems. Regular training on data security policies and the consequences of data theft can also serve as a deterrent. Additionally, organizations should conduct periodic internal audits and maintain clear communication channels to address employee concerns and issues that may contribute to potential theft.