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Employee Data Theft Investigations (EDTI)

Cyber Centaurs’ Employee Data Theft Investigation (EDTI) Model is the most advanced process for corporations to investigate employee theft of trade secrets, confidential documents as well as employee misconduct. Learn more about our EDTI Corporate program for managing Employee Data Theft Investigations. Cutting Edge, Flat fee services, Fast and Accurate Results!

Employee Data Theft Forensic Investigation (EDTI)

Most Digital Forensic Service firms bill by the hour similar as to how law firms operate. Here at Cyber Centaurs we have heard the requests from organizations and have decided to interrupt the old business model. Our Corporate program offers flat fee digital forensic examinations for employee misconduct and employee data theft situations. As flash drives, and cloud storage have become so cheap and easily accessible, the amount of employee data theft has increased significantly. We do anticipate that this trend will continue to grow exponentially. Our team has developed specific expertise from years of conducting employee data theft investigations, to the point where we have been able to identify the most common types of occurrences and the evidence left behind.

How Cyber Centaurs Digital Forensic
Investigations can help

When employee data theft occurs, a company must act swiftly to protect its interests. They must first engage an independent digital forensics expert. This is to preserve the devices most readily available and regularly accessed by the individual, to use and rely upon this data in a court of law, should the matter go so far. An interrogation and analysis of the data retained must then be undertaken in order to uncover the actions surrounding and comprising the data exfiltration.

Relying upon an in-house IT department is not a viable option as they are not equipped with the necessary tools, qualifications or expertise to forensically collect data or perform a computer forensic examination. Any of their attempts at preservation could inadvertently compromise the integrity of the data and would certainly leave exposure for this to be challenged in court. Cyber Centaurs not only have the technical capability required, but also a wealth of experience in successfully investigating matters of this nature, understanding common patterns of behavior and steps taken to evade detection in such scenarios. All information gathered during a Cyber Centaurs Corporate Forensic Investigation is documented in a forensic report, suitable for use in court.

Aspects key to an investigation into data exfiltration that Digital Forensics can assist with


External storage device usage, including device names and associated time and dates


Retrieval of deleted data – including deleted email, document and internet history data


Web-based storage platform usage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer


Printer usage analysis


Recovery of phone-specific data, such as; call logs, deleted messaging data, location data

EDTI Benefits

Understanding corporate needs, our team has developed a proprietary system that provides you with a fast, precise and cost effective way of conducting employee data theft investigations (EDTI). Some of the benefits your corporation will enjoy when working with Cyber Centaurs include:


Employee Data Theft Investigation

Our team utilizes cutting edge technology and automation in conjunction with years of expertise to provide you with fast, efficient and cost saving flat fee based digital forensic examinations for EDTI. Download our Employee Data Theft Investigation (EDTI) brochure to learn how your company or organization can benefit from this service.

10 Steps to Reduce Employee Data Theft

We have designed this free Action Guide to provide you with 10 steps you and your team can immediately take to reduce your corporate risk and exposure to data theft by employees.

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