About Cyber Centaurs

Cyber Centaurs is a leading Expert in Employee Data Theft & Data Breach Investigations. We assist Corporations and Law firms with both sensitive internal investigations as well as in litigation.

Company Overview

Cyber Centaurs is a cyber security and digital forensic firm with extensive experience in corporate and legal investigations. Even if you have not heard of Cyber Centaurs, you surely would recognize the names of many of our clients. Cyber Centaurs was previously the digital forensic and cyber division of Data Analyzers. In January of 2019 Cyber Centaurs was created as a separate entity to provide you with our undivided attention and expertise of over 10 years of experience in the domains of digital forensics and cyber security. Our Unique approach, combined with international contacts, resources and a vast amount of experience allows us to provide unparalleled services to our clientele.


Andrew von ramin mapp

Andrew von Ramin Mapp is a passionate technologist & entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing partner of Cyber Centaurs, a professional service firm that provides cybersecurity, digital forensics, and electronic discovery services to law firms, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. Andrew leads research and development, as well as critical engagements involving digital forensics, electronic discovery, and incident response. He has over 15 years of IT security experience and has developed expertise in mission-critical data recovery, offensive, and defensive cybersecurity, electronic discovery matters, as well as in digital forensic investigations. He is a member of the global data recovery alliance, Vice President of Orlando InfraGard, and holds numerous industry certifications such as CISSP, CCE, CEH, CHFI, GCFE, and GCFA. He has been quoted in Forbes magazine, has provided his expertise in several television appearances, and has testified as an expert witness in both State and Federal Courts.

Why Cyber Centaurs?

As a professional service company, we strongly believe that serving out clients is the ultimate goal. Therefore our entire organization is customer driven and focused.  Cyber Centaurs does not only adhere to a high standard of ethics, but also makes it its mission to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Cyber Centaurs has been at the forefront of cyber security and cyber threat intelligence since 2010. Our experienced digital forensic team has also nearly a decade of experience in investigating data from mobile phones, computer systems and the cloud for corporate internal investigations as well as for litigation matters. We work with law firms on a daily basis to assist in providing digital evidence, expert witness services as well as assist with eDiscovery processes.

Client-Focused Culture

At Cyber Centaurs the client comes first. Our team goes way beyond sales quotas and technical expertise, we build lasting relationships due to our client focused approach. We understand our clients’ needs both from a technical service perspective as well as from a business standpoint. At Cyber Centaurs you are our top priority and we are always here to meet your needs!

Industry Certified Consultants

Our team of cyber security experts, digital forensic examiners and electronic discovery consultants maintain some of the most sought after industry certifications and frequently attends training and seminars to stay at the cutting edge of the field.