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Azure and Office 365 Incident Response Services

Azure Incident Response Services

As cloud computing continues to dominate the enterprise landscape, securing platforms like Microsoft Azure—now known as EntraID—has become more critical than ever. At Cyber Centaurs, we offer specialized Azure Incident Response Services designed to swiftly and effectively address and mitigate security incidents. Our approach includes a robust threat detection strategy that employs advanced monitoring techniques to quickly identify anomalies and potential threats within your Azure infrastructure.

Our expert team at Cyber Centaurs conducts comprehensive and detailed investigations to determine both the scope and impact of each security incident within Azure environments. Upon identification of a threat, our team acts swiftly, deploying containment strategies to halt the spread and subsequent damage of the intrusion. This immediate and decisive action is critical in minimizing the effects of the breach.

Once containment is achieved, our focus shifts to eradication of the threat from the system, ensuring that all aspects of the breach are thoroughly addressed. Parallel to this effort, we initiate recovery operations aimed at restoring affected services to full functionality as quickly as possible. Our recovery process not only aims to bring operations back to normal but also to strengthen the existing security measures. This dual approach helps prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, bolstering overall resilience against future threats.

A key component of our investigative and recovery process involves leveraging Microsoft’s Unified Audit Log. This powerful tool provides us with granular insights into user activities across critical Azure services such as Azure Active Directory and Kubernetes. By analyzing this data, we can accurately trace the origin, path, and extent of breaches. This level of detail is vital for understanding the nature of security breaches and crafting more effective mitigation strategies.

In addition to the Unified Audit Log, Cyber Centaurs utilizes Microsoft’s extensive APIs, which allow for a more rapid and detailed investigation of data breaches within the Azure Cloud infrastructure. These APIs enable our team to access a broader range of data points and system interactions than typical forensic tools provide. This capability significantly enhances our speed and accuracy in diagnosing the root causes of incidents and implementing tailored security upgrades to fortify the infrastructure against future attacks.

Cloud Cyber Investigations Suite


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    Office 365 Business Email Compromise

    Business Email Compromise (BEC) poses a significant risk to organizations utilizing Office 365 for their communication needs. These sophisticated email-based attacks often involve deceitful tactics aimed at manipulating employees into transferring funds or confidential information to attackers masquerading as trustworthy entities. At Cyber Centaurs, our incident response strategies are specifically crafted to meet the unique challenges of BEC, ensuring the security and integrity of your email communications.

    Upon detecting a BEC incident, our immediate action involves a detailed investigation to determine the nature and scope of the breach. This phase starts with identifying the initial breach points and the accounts impacted. We swiftly move to map the attack’s trajectory within the network, using advanced digital forensics tools to trace the origins and pathways of the attack. This includes analyzing email headers, cross-referencing log data, and scrutinizing any links or attachments included in suspicious emails.

    Our mitigation efforts are geared towards containing the breach and preventing further damage. We implement strict access controls to lock down affected accounts, review and adjust permissions to minimize potential impacts, and seal off exploited vulnerabilities. This rapid containment is crucial to halt the progression of the attack and prevent additional data loss or financial impact.

    BEC Investigation Lifecycle


    Quick detection of potential BEC threats using automated monitoring systems that alert on unusual activity patterns related to email transactions and user behaviors.


    Detailed forensics analysis to understand the methods and entry points used by attackers, involving scrutiny of email exchanges and related metadata.


    Immediate actions to limit the spread and impact of the attack, including temporary isolation of affected systems and accounts.


    Removal of malicious elements from the environment and recovery of compromised systems to secure operational state.


    Systematic restoration of affected services and data, ensuring all security patches are applied and systems are returned to normal operations securely.

    Post-Incident Review

    Assessing the incident handling process and effectiveness of the response to refine future incident response strategies.

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      Why Cyber Centaurs Stands Apart

      At Cyber Centaurs, we position ourselves as leaders in incident response for both Azure and Office 365 environments. Our in-depth understanding of cloud architecture, combined with our expertise in the latest cybersecurity threats, enables us to deliver unmatched incident response services. Whether facing immediate threats or preemptively managing risk, our proactive and reactive solutions are designed to fortify your digital infrastructure against the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

      Our team of seasoned experts is not just skilled in handling incidents—they also possess a profound strategic insight that helps in predicting potential vulnerabilities and mitigating them before they can be exploited. This dual approach ensures that not only are your current security concerns addressed, but your systems are also prepared to resist future threats. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every action we take, aimed at maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your digital assets. By entrusting your cybersecurity needs to Cyber Centaurs, you free up your resources to focus on core business operations without the distraction of potential security breaches.

      Choosing Cyber Centaurs means partnering with a firm that understands the high stakes of cloud-based incidents. We are dedicated to providing you with the fastest possible incident response and data breach investigations for Microsoft Azure and Office 365 compromises.

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      Frequently asked questions

      What is Azure Incident Response?

      Azure Incident Response involves identifying, mitigating, and analyzing security incidents that occur within the Microsoft Azure environment. Cyber Centaurs provides expert services to detect threats, analyze the impact, contain breaches, and assist with the recovery process, ensuring that Azure deployments remain secure against cyber threats.

      How does Cyber Centaurs handle Business Email Compromise in Office 365?

      For incidents of Business Email Compromise in Office 365, Cyber Centaurs employs a multi-faceted approach that includes immediate isolation of affected accounts, forensic analysis to trace the origin and pathway of the compromise, and implementing changes to security protocols to prevent future occurrences.

      What should I do if I suspect a security breach in my Entra ID environment?

      If you suspect a security breach within your Entra ID environment, immediately contact Cyber Centaurs. We offer a rapid response service to assess the situation, mitigate any immediate threats, and begin a detailed investigation to ensure that your identity management systems are secured against further attacks.

      Can Cyber Centaurs assist with compliance concerns during an Azure or Entra ID incident response?

      Yes, during an incident response, Cyber Centaurs ensures that all actions taken not only aim to rectify the security issue but also comply with industry regulations and standards. This includes maintaining logs, detailed incident reports, and remediation steps that align with compliance requirements.

      What are the common indicators of compromise in cloud environments like Azure or Office 365?

      Common indicators include unusual outbound network traffic, spikes in data access or usage, reports of phishing attempts, unexpected installation of new software, and irregularities in user account activities. Early detection of these signs can significantly mitigate potential damage.