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Regardless if consider yourself as a litigator, a regulatory specialist, or a transactional lawyer, as a legal manager, you will deal with cyber investigations. Having an experienced partner at your side during a confidentiality breach by a key employee, a data breach, or during a federal investigation can make all the difference in meeting your board’s objectives.

As General Counsel or Corporate Counsel, there always seems to be a need to balance between compliance, exposure, risk, and cost. From having worked with corporate legal departments, this is something that we profoundly understand. As a partner, we can bring value to you and your organization, as we have developed core expertise that often transfers from one client engagement to the next. This means we can share some of the technical, legal and business challenges that might affect a matter at hand. From routine employee termination issues to data breaches and crisis.

Being subject to investigations has become a fact of corporate life, and necessities for investigations are continuing to grow. Heightened concerns regarding employee behavior, and extensive quantities of data potentially subject to a breach. Sexual harassment, discrimination claims, and employee data theft are in particular, a growing subject of investigation.

Concrete evidence. Solid testimony. Successful Outcomes

Trade Secret Theft

Our team has years of experience investigating trade secret theft for corporations.

Employee Data Theft

Our EDTI Model is a unique approach for investigating employee data theft. Contact us to learn more.

Employee Misconduct

It is common for employees to misuse their work devices, including personal communications and media access, including pornographic and or illegal content

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    Data Breach Investigations

    The demand for compliance with regulation and cyber insurance combined with an increase of ransomware and corporate espionage is continuing to increase the needs of data breach investigations in corporate environments. Determining if a breach actually occurred, if sensitive information was accessed are pivotal in evaluating risk and exposure.
    • Lightning-Fast Data Breach Investigations
    • Advanced Persistent Treat Investigations
    • Ransomware Assistance
    • Intruder Remmediatio