Trade Secret Theft and Economic Espionage Investigations

Theft of Trade Secrets

Cyber Centaurs has extensive experience investigating the theft of Trade Secrets and proprietary company files, by insider threats such as disgruntled employees, as well as from external threat actors.

Companies are Threatened by Trade Secret Theft

The theft of trade secrets has increased year over year. With an ever more competitive free market, the stakes are high. Many companies in the US and abroad are looking for an edge. A competitor often targets key employees to obtain client lists or marketing strategies. Or disgruntled employees may also volunteer this information. With USB flash drives, free cloud storage, and plenty of work-from-home opportunities, the theft of trade secrets has become even more tempting.

Specifically, we provide:

At Cyber Centaurs, we specialize in investigating Trade Secret Theft. We have developed a custom toolset to quickly identify the technical artifacts that may show proof of relevant files being copied. In addition to the profound technical understanding, our experience in investigating these types of cases has also allowed us to understand the culprit’s mindset and think outside of the box during Trade Secret Investigations. We can assist you and your firm as either a consultant on the case or as an expert witness.


Efficient and precise technical analysis of all relevant devices


Non-technical interpretation of finding for your legal team, or board of directors


Consultation on Case Strategy based on our findings


Provide an Expert Witness report if desired


Explain the results and why they are relevant to the Judge and Jury

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