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Cyber Centaurs assists local municipalities and State Government Agencies with the investigation of Data breaches and Internal investigations.

Specialized Government Contracting Services

Trade Secret Theft

Our team has years of experience investigating trade secret theft for corporations.

Employee Data Theft

Our EDTI Model is a unique approach for investigating employee data theft. Contact us to learn more.

Employee Misconduct

It is common for employees to misuse their work devices, including personal communications and media access, including pornographic and or illegal content

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    Who we are?

    Cyber Centaurs is a Florida based professional service firm that provides cybersecurityand digital forensics services to law firms, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. Even if you have not heard of Cyber Centaurs, you surely would recognize the names of many of our clients. Our unique approach, combined with international contacts, resources and a vast amount of experience allows us to provide unparalleled services to our clientele. Se a list of our Core Competencies below
    • Data Breach Investigations
    • Intruder Remediation
    • Employee Data Theft
    • Employee Misconduct
    • Procurement Fraud