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As Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) things have never been as challenging and demanding as they are in the present time. When you are tasked with keeping the organization secure and have direct accountability to the Board of Directors, every decision counts.

We understand the Cyber Security concerns of today and we understand the enormous pressure that modern CIO’s and CISO’s are facing in their leadership. How much expertise to retain in-house vs. what to contract to a vendor or service provider can often be a challenging call. Having an umbrella service provider that covers the entire gambit of services can be an appealing seduction, however, when stepping back and conducting a reasonable assessment, most CIO/CISO’s feel that there is a tremendous benefit when working directly with a professional service firm that has a specific focus and expertise. In most cases, this means, the more focused, the more expertise in the particular core area. We here at Cyber Centaurs believe in exactly that philosophy and provide you with laser-focused expertise and experience. We most frequently assist Executive teams and their IT departments with Corporate Cyber Investigations and Data Breach Investigations. See more details below to learn how exactly we can assist you and give you peace of mind.

Corporate Cyber Investigations

Why Corporate Investigations?

Being subject to investigations has become a fact of corporate life, and necessities for investigations are continuing to grow

Greater Demand

Heightened concerns regarding employee behavior, and extensive quantities of data potentially subject to a breach. Sexual harassment, discrimination claims, and employee data theft are in particular, a growing subject of investigation.

The Solution

Often times corporations have a growing need for investigations, but not enough demand to retain an experienced team. This is where Cyber Centaurs can assist as an ideal partner to your in-house IT department.

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    Data Breach Investigations

    The demand for compliance with regulation and cyber insurance combined with an increase of ransomware and corporate espionage is continuing to increase the needs of data breach investigations in corporate environments. Determining if a breach actually occurred, if sensitive information was accessed are pivotal in evaluating risk and exposure.
    • Lightning-Fast Data Breach Investigations
    • Advanced Persistent Treat Investigations
    • Ransomware Assistance
    • Intruder Remmediation