Data Breach Investigations
& Incident Response

Rapid Data Breach Investigation is Key

No business or entity is immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Make sure that your organization is prepared and has access to a team of experts that can quickly analyses the complexity of the incident and assist you in controlling and mitigating the breach. Cyber Centaur has a team of experienced incident responders that frequently respond to both simple and large complex data breaches involving municipalities, governmental organizations, educational, health and finance sectors. From email compromised to reverse engineering malware that may have affected your organization, the experts at Cyber Centaur have you covered.

Incident Response and Data Breach Investigations

Incident response is a term used to describe the procedure by which an organization handles a data breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT incident, computer incident or security incident. This includes the organization’s approach to manage the consequences of the attack or breach. The objective is to effectively manage the incident in a way that provides insights into what was breached and how and to rapidly remediate the incident and restore normal operations.

Data Breach Investigations Hub

Welcome to our Data Breach hub here at Cyber Centaurs.

Regardless if you just discovered a breach and therefore need to take swift and immediate action, or if you are laying the groundwork to effectively respond when a breach does occur.

We have some great and free resources such as our Whitepapers and Action guides available for you to educate and prepare for the potential of a data breach. Planning ahead of an incident, and having an action plan can make all the difference in finding evidence, mitigating an ongoing attack and being able to promptly report to your leadership team, the board of directors or insurance provider

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10 Crucial Steps Required to Properly Respond to a Data Breach

We have designed this free Action Guide to provide you with 10 steps you and your team can immediately take to prepare yourself for a data breach. Are you prepared? In the midst of a data breach, it can be very difficult to know how to react or even think clearly. Only by proper planning and practice can you truly know how your company will react in the untimely event of a security breach.

Why you need it?

Any incident that is not handled efficiently and effectively, can – and normally will – grow into a more complex problem that can lead to a disaster for the organization by loss of client data, regulatory compliance issues, loss of reputation and more. An Incident Response team will allow your organization to rapidly identify compromised assets and minimize losses, mitigate the attack vectors and restore services.


Verify if a breach occurred


Determine assets exposed


Minimize loss & Mitigate


Remediate the exploited vulnerabilities


Reduce risks of future incidents

Case Study: Internal Incident Response Gone Wrong

Read how one municipalities’ legacy system became vulnerable to a remote access attack, and how the threat actor was able to remain in the network for more than 90 days, even after so called steps of remediation had been taken by the IT department. Understand how an internally managed incident response can go terribly wrong. How Cyber Centaur ultimately resolved the incident and learn what well trained and experienced incident response teams do, to avoid these mistakes

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