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Computer Forensics Experts

Welcome to the forefront of digital forensic excellence, where our computer forensics services are unmatched in depth and precision. Cyber Centaurs is home to a team of forensic experts whose certifications and successes span the digital spectrum, from straightforward data recoveries to the most complex cyber investigations.

Tailored Excellence in Digital Forensics Services

Our suite of digital forensics services is comprehensive, starting from the moment we acquire forensic data. Our digital forensics examiners are skilled in preliminary assessments and triage, laying the groundwork for in-depth analysis. We pride ourselves on our ability to conduct meticulous investigations, examining each byte to uncover essential insights that others might overlook.

Cyber Centaurs is more than just a computer forensics company; we are your partners in navigating the digital landscape. No challenge is too complex for our team. With a steadfast commitment to data integrity and a strict adherence to the chain of custody, our cyber forensics services employ the most advanced techniques and technologies. This ensures our findings withstand rigorous scrutiny, offering you clear insights into the digital evidence at hand.

Why Cyber Centaurs Stands Apart:

  • Forensic Experts at Your Service: Our team comprises seasoned digital forensics examiners, each certified and highly skilled in the art of digital investigation.
  • Cutting-Edge Digital Forensics Services: Utilizing the latest in technology and methodologies, we guarantee thorough analysis and precise results.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Integrity: We maintain the highest standards in data integrity and chain of custody, ensuring our findings are irrefutable.
  • Bespoke Cyber Forensics Services:Recognizing the uniqueness of each case, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

Embrace the clarity and certainty that come with the leading-edge digital investigations provided by Cyber Centaurs. Our commitment to uncovering the truth with our computer forensics services makes us the trusted partner you need in the ever-evolving digital realm.

Digital Investigation Services


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    Identifying the data and Learn the story it tells

    Regardless of the type of investigation, the data always has a story to tell. Our team of digital forensic experts can flesh out the relevant and hidden data to show what occurred on a phone, computer, or even an entire network. Our certified computer forensic examiners will analyze relevant artifacts and can provide reports for the executive team, or to present in court during litigation.


    Trusted Expertise in Digital Investigations

    Cellebrite Certified

    Our Mobile Forensics Examiners are Cellebrite certified and utilize the latest versions for mobile phone collections, extractions and examinations.

    Of course, at Cyber Centaurs, we do not only rely on Cellebrite, but have a plethora of tools and solutions that we can cater, specifically based on your phone and type of case.

    Tested Expert Witnesses

    Cyber Centaurs has court-tested and qualified expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses have testified in both state and federal cases and have withstood Daubert challenges.

    We can provide a precise testimony and explain complex mobile phone technology to the Judge and Jury in simple and understandable ways using analogies and diagrams.


    Cyber Centaurs is a niche-focused cyber security firm with a specialization in digital forensics and data breach investigations.

    Our deep dive collection and analysis methods allow us to conduct mobile forensics services on over 10,000 different mobile devices, sim cards and cloud storage platforms.

    Having an Ace up your Sleeve

    Having a team of experts at your fingertips is like having an ACE up your sleeve

    Our team utilizes, a combination of commercial tools, open source and proprietary tools to obtain the most accurate results in the quickest time possible. This is one of the hall marks of the Cyber Centaurs team, we are always improving, innovating and streamlining to provide you with the best possible service.

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      Comprehensive Digital Forensics Solutions

      Onsite Collection

      Cyber Cetnaurs can conduct onsite collections and forensic duplications of computers and hard drives anywhere in the USA.

      Remote Collection

      Cyber Centaurs is able to conduct remote collections from anywhere around the globe, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

      Multiple Service Levels

      Select from multiple service levels based on your needs. This can include the urgency of the cases, as well as the required level of detail for the case.

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      Frequently asked questions

      What is Computer Forensics?

      Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensics that involves the systematic analysis and investigation of digital devices such as computers, servers, and storage media to uncover, preserve, and analyze electronic evidence. This process aims to discover and interpret information related to computer crimes, cybersecurity incidents, or other legal matters.

      How is Data Recovered in Computer Forensics?

      Computer forensics experts employ specialized tools and techniques to recover and analyze data from digital devices. This may include retrieving deleted files, examining hard drives, analyzing system logs, and reconstructing digital timelines. The goal is to reconstruct events, identify potential security breaches, and gather evidence for legal purposes.

      What Types of Cases Benefit from Computer Forensics?

      Computer forensics is essential in a wide range of cases, including cybercrime investigations, intellectual property theft, fraud, employee misconduct, and unauthorized access. It plays a crucial role in providing evidence for legal proceedings and helping organizations understand and mitigate security risks.

      Is Computer Forensics Limited to Certain Operating Systems?

      No, computer forensics is not limited to specific operating systems. Forensic experts are trained to analyze digital evidence from a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and others. They use forensic tools and methodologies tailored to the specific operating system to ensure a thorough and accurate examination.

      How is the Integrity of Computer Forensic Evidence Maintained?

      Maintaining the integrity of forensic evidence is a top priority in computer forensics. Experts follow strict procedures and use forensically sound practices to ensure that the data is not tampered with during the investigation. This includes documenting the entire process, preserving original evidence, and adhering to legal standards to ensure the admissibility of evidence in court.