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Computer Expert Witness

Contact our experts when in need of a reliable, methodological and experienced computer expert witness to testify, consult and provide litigation support on computer-related issues.

Expert Witness Services

What Is An Expert Witness?

Leaving no Byte Unturned

In the courtroom, both sides are entitled to a fair trial and adequate representation. But sometimes the challenges of modern technology are more than can be competently handled by lay witnesses and other finders of fact. In these cases, the expert witness is utilized to convey complex matters to the court and the jury in a manner that is both easily understandable and approachable. Far too much often in the courtroom the spectacle of “dueling experts” occurs, where both sides need to utilize expert witnesses in order to ensure their story is properly told.


Digital Investigation Services

Trusted Expertise in Digital Investigations

Cellebrite Certified

Our Mobile Forensics Examiners are Cellebrite certified and utilize the latest versions for mobile phone collections, extractions and examinations.

Of course, at Cyber Centaurs, we do not only rely on Cellebrite, but have a plethora of tools and solutions that we can cater, specifically based on your phone and type of case.

Tested Expert Witnesses

Cyber Centaurs has court-tested and qualified expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses have testified in both state and federal cases and have withstood Daubert challenges.

We can provide a precise testimony and explain complex mobile phone technology to the Judge and Jury in simple and understandable ways using analogies and diagrams.


Cyber Centaurs is a niche-focused cyber security firm with a specialization in digital forensics and data breach investigations.

Our deep dive collection and analysis methods allow us to conduct mobile forensics services on over 10,000 different mobile devices, sim cards and cloud storage platforms.

Why Cyber Centaurs Expert Witnesses?

Having a team of experts at your fingertips is like having an ACE up your sleeve

Cyber Centaurs retain sought after expert witnesses that have testified in both Federal and state court. Our experts maintain industry-leading certifications in digital forensic and cybersecurity and can explain complex and highly technical processes in a simple, understandable form to both judge and jury.

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    Comprehensive Digital Forensics Solutions

    Onsite Collection

    Cyber Cetnaurs can conduct onsite collections and forensic duplications of computers and hard drives anywhere in the USA.

    Multiple Service Levels

    Select from multiple service levels based on your needs. This can include the urgency of the cases, as well as the required level of detail for the case.

    Remote Collection

    Cyber Centaurs is able to conduct remote collections from anywhere around the globe, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are Expert Witness Services in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics?

    Expert witness services in cyber security and digital forensics involve the testimony and professional opinion of qualified experts in legal proceedings. These experts provide their insights on matters related to cybersecurity incidents, digital forensics investigations, and the interpretation of technical evidence. Their role is crucial in helping the court understand complex technical concepts and making informed decisions.

    How Can Expert Witnesses Assist in Cyber Security Cases?

    Expert witnesses in cyber security can offer testimony on various issues, including the identification and analysis of cyber threats, the assessment of security vulnerabilities, and the evaluation of an organization’s adherence to industry standards. Their expertise helps legal professionals and the court make informed decisions in cases involving data breaches, hacking, or other cybercrimes.

    In What Types of Cases Are Expert Witnesses for Digital Forensics Utilized?

    Expert witnesses for digital forensics are often called upon in cases involving computer crimes, intellectual property theft, employee misconduct, and other situations where electronic evidence is central. These experts help interpret digital evidence, explain forensic methodologies, and assist the court in understanding the technical aspects of the case.

    How Are Expert Witnesses Selected for Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Cases?

    Selecting an expert witness involves considering their qualifications, experience, and credibility. Attorneys typically look for experts with a strong background in cyber security, digital forensics, or related fields. The chosen expert should have relevant certifications, courtroom experience, and the ability to convey complex technical information in a clear and understandable manner.

    Can Expert Witnesses in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Provide Pre-trial Consultation?

    Yes, many expert witnesses offer pre-trial consultation services. They can assist legal teams in evaluating the strength of their case, advising on forensic methodologies, and helping shape the overall strategy for presenting technical evidence. Engaging an expert witness early in the process can enhance the legal team’s understanding of the technical aspects involved and contribute to a more effective case strategy.