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Computer Expert Witness

When in need of a reliable, methodological and experienced computer expert witness to testify, consult and provide litigation support on computer related issues.

What is an Expert Witness?

In the courtroom, both sides are entitled to a fair trial and adequate representation. But sometimes the challenges of modern technology are more than can be competently handled by lay witnesses and other finders of fact. In these cases, the expert witness is utilized to convey complex matters to the court and the jury in a manner that is both easily understandable and approachable. Far too much often in the courtroom the spectacle of “dueling experts” occurs, where both sides need to utilize expert witnesses in order to ensure their story is properly told.

Computer Forensic Expert Witness

At Cyber Centaurs our court qualified Expert Witnesses in the practice of digital forensics can be the edge you need to assist the jury in coming to a favorable decision in your case. Our certified Expert Witnesses are able to transform the vast array of digital evidence into compelling testimony about what actually transpired using non-technical and understandable language. Cyber Centaur offers a variety of expert witness services, including:

Mobile Phone Expert Witness

As mobile phones have become part of our everyday life, the amount of electronically stored information (ESI) relevant to a legal proceeding continues to grow. Having the ability to conduct a forensically sound extraction of that data, evaluate the content, and being able to testify on behalf of the findings can be a critical element in almost any modern court case. From recovering deleted records, to determine the phone’s location at a specific time are all part of a mobile phone examination.

Source Code Expert Witness

During an intellectual property or copyright infringement dispute, our experts can assist legal counsel by analyzing code for source code similarities and plagiarism. Review two sets of code and be able to opine if code has been copied.

Why Cyber Centaurs Expert Witnesses?

Cyber Centaurs retain sought after expert witnesses that have testified in both Federal and state court. Our experts maintain industry-leading certifications in digital forensic and cybersecurity and can explain complex and highly technical processes in a simple, understandable form to both judge and jury.

Our capabilities include:

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