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Cell Site Analysis Experts

Our team of experts can assist with pinpointing a mobile phone’s location to assist both the prosecution and the defense in legal matters.

Have our team collect, analyze and interpret Call Data Records and Cell Tower records, so that you have the nessessary facts for your case.

Insights from Cell Site Analysis

What is Cell Site Analysis?

Cell Tower Forensic Analysis

The Fundamentals of Cell Site Analysis

Cell site analysis is a forensic analysis technique used to establish which cell towers a mobile phone has connected to, in order to determine the location of the smart phone at a given time. This is typically accomplished by triangulating the last cell towers the phone connected to. In most cases this involved the examination of Call Data Records (CDRs) that have been obtained from mobile phone carrier such as an AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. Cell Site Analysis can be used in criminal investigations to analyze the location data of a mobile device. This technique involves analyzing the signal strength and other data from cell towers to determine the approximate location of a mobile device at specific points in time. Cell site analysis and Call Data Records can be used to provide evidence in criminal investigations by helping to establish the location of a suspect or victim at a particular time, or to track the movements of a suspect. It can also be used to refute or support an alibi, or to corroborate other evidence in a case.


How can we assist you?

Our team of experts can assist with cell site analysis for a legal defense in several ways. Some of the key ways we can assist your legal team include:

Reviewing the Prosecution’s Analysis: Our expert witness can review the cell site analysis conducted by the prosecution’s expert to identify any weaknesses or inaccuracies in their methodology or interpretation of the data.

Conducting an Independent Analysis: Our Cell Site Analysis (CSA) specialists can conduct their own analysis of the cell site data to provide a different interpretation or to identify any errors in the prosecution’s analysis.

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    Trusted Expertise in Digital Investigations

    Cellebrite Certified

    Our Mobile Forensics Examiners are Cellebrite certified and utilize the latest versions for mobile phone collections, extractions and examinations.

    Of course, at Cyber Centaurs, we do not only rely on Cellebrite, but have a plethora of tools and solutions that we can cater, specifically based on your phone and type of case.

    Tested Expert Witnesses

    Cyber Centaurs has court-tested and qualified expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses have testified in both state and federal cases and have withstood Daubert challenges.

    We can provide a precise testimony and explain complex mobile phone technology to the Judge and Jury in simple and understandable ways using analogies and diagrams.


    Cyber Centaurs is a niche-focused cyber security firm with a specialization in digital forensics and data breach investigations.

    Our deep dive collection and analysis methods allow us to conduct mobile forensics services on over 10,000 different mobile devices, sim cards and cloud storage platforms.

    Celle Site Analysis for Criminal Defense

    Cell site analysis can also be used by the defense in a criminal case. The defense may use cell site analysis to challenge the prosecution’s evidence or to provide an alternative explanation for the defendant’s location at a particular time. For example, the defense may argue that the cell site data is inaccurate or that it does not provide conclusive evidence of the defendant’s location. Additionally, the defense may hire its own expert to analyze the cell site data and provide a different interpretation of the evidence. The expert may challenge the prosecution’s expert on the methods used for analysis, the accuracy of the data, and the assumptions made in the interpretation.

    It’s important to note that the use of cell site analysis in a criminal case requires specialized knowledge and expertise, and it’s crucial to hire a qualified expert who can analyze the data and provide a reliable interpretation.

    Comprehensive Digital Forensics Solutions

    Cell Site Analysis

    Cell Site Analysis can be used in criminal investigations to analyze the location data of a mobile device.

    Forensic Radio Survey

    Forensic radio surveys use special equipment to captures details of the cells that can be detected at a location and can be used to cross-reference cell site analysis results.

    All Common Networks

    Our analysis support all common cellular networks including CDMA, GSMA, EDGE

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Cell Site Analysis?

    Cell Site Analysis (CSA) is a forensic investigative technique that involves the examination of mobile phone network data to determine the approximate location of a mobile device at a specific time. This analysis relies on the connection a mobile device establishes with cell towers, allowing investigators to reconstruct the movements and activities of individuals during a particular timeframe.

    How is Cell Site Analysis Conducted?

    Cell Site Analysis involves examining call detail records (CDRs) and other cellular network data to identify the cell towers and sectors through which a mobile device communicated. By triangulating this information, investigators can estimate the location of the device at different points in time. This analysis can be crucial in criminal investigations, missing person cases, and other situations where understanding the movements of a mobile device is essential.

    What Types of Cases Benefit from Cell Site Analysis?

    Cell Site Analysis is particularly valuable in cases such as criminal investigations, terrorism-related incidents, and missing persons cases. It can help establish the presence or absence of a person at a specific location, track the movements of suspects, corroborate or challenge alibis, and provide critical timelines of events.

    What are the Limitations of Cell Site Analysis?

    While Cell Site Analysis is a powerful tool, it has limitations. The accuracy of location data can vary based on factors such as network congestion, topography, and the density of cell towers. Additionally, the technique provides a general area rather than pinpoint accuracy. It is crucial for investigators and legal professionals to be aware of these limitations when interpreting and presenting the results in court.

    How Can Cell Site Analysis Findings be Used in Legal Proceedings?

    Cell Site Analysis findings can be presented as evidence in legal proceedings to support or challenge the narrative of a case. Expert witnesses in cell site analysis can explain the methodology used, interpret the data, and assist the court in understanding the implications of the findings. This information can be crucial in establishing timelines, confirming or disproving alibis, and aiding in the overall investigation process.