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The majority of our clientele are lawyers and law firms. Our team has supported litigation matters for over a decade in both simple and complex matters. Cyber Centaurs is unique in that, even though we are not attorneys, we have a strong fundamental understanding of the legal aspects of litigation and are able to combine this with our in-depth technical knowledge and experience to provide you with valuable knowledge insights and evidence for your case.

Cyber Centaur works with both independent litigators as well as multi-national law firms. We conduct forensic investigations and expert witness services for plaintiff, defense, as well as conduct investigations and opinions as a neutral. Identifying and locating critical evidence and testimony can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our certified experts provide the data findings and testimony our clients need to prevail in their dispute.

Concrete evidence. Solid testimony. Successful Outcomes

Digital Forensics Experts

We can assist you with the collection, preservation and analysis of data from all common digital devices such as computers, smart phones, GPS Units, emails and Cloud storage containers

Cyber Experts

If you require cyber security insights that would relate to your case, you can rely on Cyber Centaurs expertise to provide guidance and case consulting services.

Expert Witness

Our Expert Witnesses are able to work as case consultants, assist in deposition preparations and have experience testifying in hearings and jury trials

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    What is Digital Forensics?

    Digital Forensics is the practice of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. This field is also often referred to as Computer Forensics and is distinctly different from other technical specialties, which focus on the creation or management of digital data. The difference is due to the specialized nature of Digital Forensics, which is most often utilized for investigative or legal purposes. Every case in Digital Forensics is unique based on the investigative goals and the circumstances of the case.
    • Lightning-Fast Data Breach Investigations
    • Advanced Persistent Treat Investigations
    • Ransomware Assistance
    • Intruder Remmediation