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Digital Computer Forensics and Data Breach Experts in Tampa Florida

As Tampa Bay’s leading digital forensics and incident response service provider, Cyber Centaurs has years of experience investigating conducting computer forensics examinations for court cases and investigating data breaches.

Experienced & Efficient Experts!

Our professional service team has the experience, technical capability and tools to assist you in your litigation or internal investigation. The team working for you has been serving Florida since 2009 and counts its stellar reputation, media interviews and some of the most sought after industry certifications among its credentials

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    Tampa Digital Forensics and Data Breach Experts

    Our team has been assisting clients in Tampa for over a decade with investigating data breaches and improving their cyber security. Be it in the capacity of incident response to a network intrusion, proactive vulnerability assessments, penetration tests or awareness training. The consultants at Cyber Centaurs are here to assist and guide you. Call us today or send us a message using the contact form below. to discuss your particular needs immediately.

    Cybersecurity Excellence Guaranteed

    Data Breach Investigations

    No business or entity is immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Make sure that your organization is prepared and has access to a team of experts that can quickly analyses the complexity of the incident and assist you in controlling and mitigating the breach

    Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics or Computer Forensics are needed in a variety of cases, whether for individuals, corporations, or attorneys. Our cases range from examining cellphones in allegations of infidelity to full forensic exams in civil disputes. We can help attorneys with nearly any case they are currently undertaking and ensure they have the right experts on their side to support their case.

    Expert Testimony

    Our experts are able to testify on your behalf or on behalf of your clients and provide an unbiased opinion to the judge and jury. Our team has testified in both state and federal courts.

    What is Digital Forensics?

    Digital Forensics is the method of preserving and analyzing digital evidence in a way where examined evidence is unaltered and admissible in a legal court.

    Forensic Expertise Services

    Data Breach & Incident Response Services in Tampa Florida

    Once a network intrusion has happened, or there is a concern that a data breach may have occurred, an analysis of the evidence by a professional incident responder should be performed as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to investigating a hacking incident.

    Cyber Centaurs – Digital Forensics

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