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Digital Forensics and Data Breach Experts in Orlando, Florida

Cyber Centaurs is Florida’s leading digital forensics firm. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, we assist corporation and law firms with niche specific expertise in data breach investigations and all digital forensics matters from data collection, to interpretation and expert testimony. Our professional service team has the experience, technology, and expertise to assist you in your legal case or in-house investigation.

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Our team has been serving the central Florida community since 2009 and counts among its credentials its stellar reputation, media interviews and some of the most sought-after industry certifications.

Why Cyber Centaurs in Orlando?

With Orlando’s growing economy and our expertise in digital forensics, Cyber Centaurs is your go-to partner for navigating the complexities of the digital world. Whether you’re facing a data breach, need forensic analysis, or require expert testimony, our team is ready to provide swift and effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Embrace the future with confidence as you partner with Cyber Centaurs in Orlando, where innovation meets expertise in the quest to safeguard your digital assets.


Data Breach & Incident Response Services in Orlando Florida

Cyber Centaurs is a leading incident response and cyber security firm serving Orlando Florida. We can assist with the investigation and remediation of Ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Assisting Organizations in Orlando Florida, with Data Breach and Incident Response Investigations

Cyber Centaurs is dedicated to protecting Orlando and Central Florida organizations from digital threats like phishing emails, ransomware, and various data breaches. Our expertise in quickly responding to and mitigating these incidents sets us apart, ensuring the fastest reaction times in the region.

Phishing Email Investigations: We utilize advanced techniques to trace phishing origins, helping organizations recognize and avoid these scams, thereby preventing sensitive information leaks.

Ransomware Response: Our team excels in managing ransomware attacks by identifying attack vectors, containing breaches, and recovering data, all while reinforcing defenses against future threats.

Data Breach Investigations: Cyber Centaurs conducts thorough investigations into all types of data breaches, uncovering digital evidence to inform recovery strategies and strengthen security.

Fastest Response in Orlando and Central Florida: With strategic positioning within Orlando, our response team is unmatched in speed, enabling effective containment and investigation to minimize breach impacts.

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    What is Digital Forensics?

    Digital Forensics is the method of preserving and analyzing digital evidence in a way where examined evidence is unaltered and admissible in a legal court.

    Digital Computer Forensics for Legal Matters in Orlando, Florida

    Cyber Centaurs offers specialized digital computer forensics services tailored to support companies and law firms in Orlando, Florida. Our expertise extends to managing electronic discovery, computer forensics, and mobile and smartphone forensics investigations, crucial for in-house matters and litigation. Additionally, we provide expert witness services, standing ready to deliver authoritative testimony during depositions and trials.

    Electronic Discovery: Understanding the pivotal role of electronic evidence in modern legal disputes, we navigate complex data landscapes to uncover relevant digital documents, emails, and files. Our electronic discovery solutions are designed to streamline the legal review process, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance with legal standards.

    Computer Forensics Investigations: Our computer forensics experts are adept at securing and analyzing digital evidence from computers and storage devices. Whether it’s for internal investigations or litigation support, we delve deep into digital footprints to reconstruct events, uncover hidden data, and provide insights that are critical for legal matters.

    Mobile and Smartphone Forensics: With mobile devices being central to personal and professional communications, our mobile forensics services are essential for extracting, preserving, and analyzing data from smartphones and tablets. This includes recovering text messages, emails, call history, and app data that can be pivotal in legal cases.

    Expert Witness Services: Our seasoned forensic experts are not only skilled in investigation but also in articulating complex technical findings in a clear and concise manner for legal proceedings. We provide expert witness services for depositions and trials, ensuring that digital evidence is accurately represented and understood in the courtroom.

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      Forensic Expertise Services

      Cybersecurity Excellence Guaranteed

      Data Breach Investigations

      No business or entity is immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Make sure that your organization is prepared and has access to a team of experts that can quickly analyses the complexity of the incident and assist you in controlling and mitigating the breach

      Digital Forensics

      Digital Forensics or Computer Forensics are needed in a variety of cases, whether for individuals, corporations, or attorneys. Our cases range from examining cellphones in allegations of infidelity to full forensic exams in civil disputes. We can help attorneys with nearly any case they are currently undertaking and ensure they have the right experts on their side to support their case.

      Expert Testimony

      Our experts are able to testify on your behalf or on behalf of your clients and provide an unbiased opinion to the judge and jury. Our team has testified in both state and federal courts.

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