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Digital Forensics and Data Breach Services in Miami

Cyber Centaurs is Florida’s leading digital forensics and data breach investigative firm. As a professional cyber security service firm Cyber Centaurs provides services and solutions to law firms, corporations, educational institutions and government entities. For years we have been assisting law firms and organizations in Miami and Dade County with litigation support and the investigation of data breaches.

Experienced & Efficient Experts!

As Florida’s leading digital computer forensics and data breach investigative firm. Our professional service team of cyber security experts and computer forensics examiners has been serving law firms, corporations, and municipalities for over a decade.

While headquartered in central Florida, our team has a presence in Miami and has been conducting onsite and remote service collections, processing, investigations, and court testimony all over South Florida.

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    Computer Forensic Services in Miami FL

    Digital Forensics is the practice of identifying, preserving, investigating, and presenting digital evidence in a forensically sound and legally admissible manner. Our Digital Forensic specialist hold a variety of certifications, and profound industry awareness which combined with years of experience is here to assist you with your case.


    Cybersecurity Excellence Guaranteed

    Data Breach Investigations

    No business or entity is immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Make sure that your organization is prepared and has access to a team of experts that can quickly analyses the complexity of the incident and assist you in controlling and mitigating the breach

    Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics or Computer Forensics are needed in a variety of cases, whether for individuals, corporations, or attorneys. Our cases range from examining cellphones in allegations of infidelity to full forensic exams in civil disputes. We can help attorneys with nearly any case they are currently undertaking and ensure they have the right experts on their side to support their case.

    Expert Testimony

    Our experts are able to testify on your behalf or on behalf of your clients and provide an unbiased opinion to the judge and jury. Our team has testified in both state and federal courts.

    Case Assistance for Plaintiff or Defendant

    Regardless if you are the plaintiff or council for the defense, in this day and age, computer technology is being used in various ways which when examined can often assist you in your case. A computer forensic examination of a Desktop, laptop or mobile phone will often provide digital artifacts, which can be presented in court. Our experienced computer forensic examiners can assist you with the collection of custodians in Miami Florida, the examination of current and deleted data, e-discovery and consulting services.

    Forensic Expertise Services

    Incident Response and Data Breach Miami FL

    When a data breach has occurred, or there is a suspicion of a hacker or adversary having gained access to your computer, network or email account a proper investigation should be conducted immediately. The sooner the investigation is started the fresher the footprints and therefore the more evidence can usually be obtained. In addition, having not only certainty of what occurred, but also obtaining professional assistance in ensuring that the hackers are being kicked out of your systems and eradicated are crucial steps that should not be overlooked or procrastinated on.