Ransomware – A Florida Perspective


Categories: Whitepapers Posted on: January 3, 2020

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As a Florida based cybersecurity firm, with experience combating ransomware, our team has been uniquely positioned to provide insights on the state of ransomware and the effects on Florida. Both government and private corporations. This whitepaper will review past, present and projected future activities as cybercrime organizations continue to target the sunshine state.

The goal of this paper is not to inform you that ransomware is a serious threat. This should already be clear based on the many incidents that have been covered in the media and have been consistently in the public’s eye. This whitepaper is an informative analysis providing threat intelligence to company executives and Information Technology leaders so that Florida based organizations and corporations conducting business in Florida, understand this ransomware ecosystem and are fully equipped to combat the next set of emerging threats from overseas…

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