Find out how vulnerable your network is

With Cyber Centaurs vulnerability assessment services you can quickly gain insights into how vulnerable and at risk your network is against both malicious threat actors, as well as internal exposures and misconfigurations.



A vulnerability is a weakness in your network or systems which can be exploited by a threat actor. A vulnerability assessment is a test of the safety of your network and computer environment against vulnerabilities and the risk of them being exploited by a threat actor. Understanding not only your vulnerabilities, but also the risk associated with each of them is an important step in empowering you in the defense of your organization and network.

Why you need it?

A proper Vulnerability assessment, should not just be a compliance checkbox, but should be an effective tool to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of :

  • Hackers
  • Organized Crime Groups
  • Extortion
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Misuse of IT privileges
  • Corporate Espionage

It is crucial to comprehend the potential cyber exposure and risk that each organization has, So that intelligent decisions can be made to understand and lessen the risk that each company faces.

Case Study

It’s always best to learn from others mistakes and to apply the proper solutions to prevent from suffering by the same faith. Learn how a Florida based municipality unknowingly invited a hacker into their network, what happened, how it happened and how a vulnerability assessment could have prevent the disaster

Our Approach

Our team can assess the safety of the entirety of your organization. Regardless if you require an external audit, internal audit, or a multi-site assessment, our methodological and safe approaches will assist you in obtaining the desired results. Cyber Centaur does not only conducts the assessments using the latest in scanning technology, we assure that each vulnerability is classified based on a risk profile that ranks them according to severity and the real world probabilities of being exploited. This is followed up with easy to understand recommendations to mitigate this vulnerabilities.