Find and destroy your cyber threats

Statistically speaking, your network is probably already compromised, despite the countless efforts of layered security, Firewalls, Antivirus, and Intrusion detection mechanisms and more. Discover and dismantle unknown cyber threats today. New Advanced Persistent Threats, or modified APT’s can often go undetected by most security technologies available today. Proactively hunting for complex malware and covertly established command and control systems can make the difference in uncovering a compromised network today.



Cyber Threat Hutting is the means of proactively investigating computer systems and network infrastructure for sophisticated malware or threat actors that may have staid hidden and managed to go undetected by circumventing traditional security controls. They could be secretly siphoning off data, listening patiently for confidential information, or working their way through the network looking for administrative credentials powerful enough to infiltrate trade secrets. The objective of a threat hunt is to reveal incidents that an organization otherwise would not find out or discover via traditional means.

Why you need it?

Threat Actors are getting smarter every day, many have discovered evasion techniques that bypass traditional detection methods. A properly executed cyber threat hunt will assist your organization in quickly identifying any compromised systems and assets which may have gone unnoticed. The average data breach occurs 191 days before being discovered, which provides the intruder with ample time to increase his footprint in your network, understand your systems and security mechanisms and determine how to slowly extract data without being noticed.

  • Find advanced threats, previously not detected
  • Reduce time from infection to detection
  • Minimize loss
  • Reduce exposure to external threats
  • Reduce time and money spent on response
  • Reduce risks of future incidents

Are your Cyber Security measures a Casualty of their own triumph?

Read how regulatory compliance while necessary, does not ensure effective security measures. Changing from responsive to proactive cyber security measures can make all the difference. This white paper discloses what you have to do to remain a step ahead of the threat actor. While it is unrealistic these days to claim 100% eradication of all vulnerabilities, risk and human error that could lead to a data breach, there are measures that can be executed to quickly identify, contain and remediate threats to your organization. Read the whitepaper to learn why data intelligence and visibility are crucial for advanced protection, and learn how targeted threat hunting can actually find what your traditional security mechanism cannot.

Our Approach

Cyber Centaur utilizes its combined experiences of both offensive and defensive cyber security services such as digital forensics, penetration testing and threat intelligence gathering to understand the latest attack techniques, exploits, malware and other tools used by threat actors. This allows us to respond quickly and take swift actions to control and remediate the incident.

Our Cyber Security Team collects a vast amount of threat indicators thought DNS, proxy servers, firewalls, webserver, commercial threat intelligence data and via proprietary means.
In addition our team has capabilities to search for unknown threat actors and APT’s based on patterns and proprietary criteria. This allows us to perform a rapid threat hunt examinations for organizations of any size. Our scalable approach allows for both remote and on premise hunts to be conducted for the entire organization or just a limited hunt based on scope.

Based on our finding, we will provide your organization with recommendations for remediation and steps to improve your information security defense.