Addressing Employee Data Theft in your Organization

Almost a decade ago, Jason Needham left his job at an engineering firm to start his own company. After resigning, through virtual backdoors and unauthorized accounts, Jason was able to continue accessing his former employee’s data and systems.

Kwampirs Malware targeting Global Industries

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sent a security alert to the U.S. private sector about an ongoing attack against the healthcare sector, supply chain software vendors, financial institutions and prominent law firms.

A Quick Guide to Workplace Investigations

Cyber security breaches stemming from insider threats have increased consistently over the last few years. While companies seek to hire the best, brightest, and most ethical people to help make their business a success, things don’t always go as planned.

How digital forensic investigations can help businesses

It’s estimated that intellectual property (IP) accounts for more than 80% of the value of publicly traded companies. From trade secrets and confidential corporate strategies to sensitive technology diagrams and customer databases, this information is what keeps the business alive.

Insiders Threats and Unexplained Inventory Loss

Employee relationships should be based on trust. Our staff, after all, are on the frontline of the business, creating products, selling them, interacting with customers, and more. However, trust can sometimes be broken.

COVID-19 Cyber Threat Indicators

COVID-19 has produced a worldwide physical virus scare that has everyone on edge. Unfortunately, Hackers have not wasted any time in capitalizing on taking advantage of those suffering from the deadly effects of COVID-19. To prevent further compromise.

How Digital Forensics Can Identify Employee Non-Compete Violations

In a world of cut-throat competition across a global industry, an enterprise can be seriously compromised by a leak of their intellectual property or industrial secrets.

How Legal Teams Can Leverage Digital Forensics

From accusations of discrimination against employees to a breach of contract between two business partners, every professional relationship has the potential to result in a lawsuit and litigation.

How Digital Forensics can Assists with Employment Lawsuits

business, and a court case can take significant time away from company management and executives. Personnel issues and the resulting investigations can impact the morale of employees, taint the reputation of the business, and result in massive consequential payouts.

Using Penetration Testing to Stop a New Stealth

Ransomware is arguably one of the most insidious and damaging forms of malware. Cybercriminals are continually exploiting newer methods to circumvent strategies by enterprises to thwart ransomware attacks.