A Penetration Test can help you Discovery internal and external vulnerabilities critical to the security of your organization

Organizations do everything they can to protect their systems and assets, however it often only takes a small vulnerability and some creativity to breach the corporate security structure. With Cyber Centaurs pen testing services you can find out how secure your network really is, by systematically testing your defenses.

Penetration Testing Service

Penetration testing Service

A penetration test is a full emulation of a hack into your network, just like a threat actor would do. This type of attack is part of an offensive security strategy. The goal is to discover both internal and external vulnerabilities through a simulated cyber-attack by highly-skilled experts using cutting edge tools and technology. Penetration testing goes far beyond just a vulnerability assessment and can bring you unparalleled insight into the systems, services and network devices that could be exploited and result in a data breach. Cyber Centaurs Penetration test will allow you to see the insecurity of your network and allow you to close the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and loop holes that attackers otherwise may gain access to and exploit. At the conclusion of the project, Cyber Centaurs experienced cyber security consultants will provide you with a written report providing an executive summary and a detailed breakdown of the vulnerabilities identified, threat level, and recommended steps for remediation.

Why You Need It

A penetration test should be a fundamental part of every organization’s cyber defense mechanism. It can assist in determining if your current security strategies are adequate and can uncover otherwise undetected obscure vulnerabilities in your perimeter and cloud platforms.

Will Help with:
  • Testing your actual vulnerabilities
  • Finding misconfigurations
  • Learning the attackers approach
Reduce chances of:
  • Intellectual Property theft
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Compliance breaches

Without a penetration test, your organization may have a misconceived sense of its exposures and risks to threat actors. While an annual vulnerability assessment, can provide some insights

They are not as comprehensive as a practical real world attack simulation carried out by experienced penetration testers. Nothing can fully prepare you for an authentic attack, nonetheless a penetration test with its depth and focus with a determination to breach your systems is as close as it will ever get.

Case Study

As a penetration testing company, we frequently encounter noteworthy situations with clients. Read a case study and find out how a financial institution learned that despite best efforts and large annual spending on cyber security, the institution still was vulnerable to a breach and was previously under a false sense of security. Find out what the vulnerability was and how the financial institution was able to irradiate this vulnerability and improve the cyber security defenses on the network. This is a common issue that is not limited to the finance sector but can also affect your organization.

Our Approach

By using specific methodologies to attack your servers, desktops, web applications, routers, VPN's and firewalls, the penetration test will reveal the true strength of the cyber security defenses your company or institution. Our Penetration tests are highly customizable and can emphasis on all of your networks, services and potential attack vectors, or can be focused on specific core areas most critical to the organization. Such web application penetration testing, external penetration testing, cloud penetration testing, wireless pen testing as well as social engineering. Cyber Centaurs has years of experience and will apply proven methodologies and powerful technologies to give you the assurance you need.

internal and external pen testing
  • Planning and Reconnaissance (Gathering information about company and network)
  • Vulnerability Analysis (Scanning host and network for weak points)
  • Exploitation (gaining access to the network)
  • Post Exploitation (maintaining access)
  • Reporting (Executive summary and technical reporting of breach and recommendations)