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With over 10 years of experience, the team of experts at Cyber Centaurs offers fast, efficient and precise services for digital computer forensic investigations and electronic discovery matters. We believe that an integrated approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery provides for superior results and cost efficiencies requiring less time and resources. Cyber Centaurs utilized advanced technologies and techniques from both disciplines to provide our clients with a more insightful look into their data such as emails, documents and important events.

As a Florida based professional service firm many clients in Gainesville have relied on our qualifications and experienced to provide them with fact finding results, and assist with litigation matters. Our team formerly known as the Forensic division of Data Analyzers has been serving Florida since 2009 and counts among its credentials an abundance of experience in litigation and trial support. Our experts are certified and have testified in multiple venues in both Federal and State Courts.

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Gainesville Electronic Discovery Services

Due to the ubiquity of computers, courtrooms once ruled by volumes of paper are now disappearing and being replaced with mountains of data that need to be sorted before a case even reaches the courtroom. eDiscovery is the process of handling all this digital information for the discovery process in civil and criminal litigation. Due to the special demands of the legal system, special methods and processes are needed to ensure all relevant data for potential litigation are retained for examination by both sides.

At Cyber Centaurs we quickly identify, collect and process ESI for you

Our extensive experience in collection allows for easy access to information stored on laptops, desktops, mobile devices, e-mail and file servers, along with other specialized storage containers like google drive, Dropbox, and an array of other cloud storage platforms. Choosing Cyber Centaurs to assist in your eDiscovery process, gives your company the peace of mind that it will be handled accurately, discreetly, and efficiently.

We provide case consultation and strategy to help best direct your case. We provide direction on discovery and production demands, Rule 26(f) meet and confer assistance, hold letters, data processing, deposition preparation, witness preparation, archived data and general consulting as it relates to electronically stored information.
Our team can deploy professionals, rapidly and at minimal cost, that are specially trained to collect ESI. Whether you require forensic images of computers, or extraction of email or database contents,

Computer Forensics

Some of the advantages for using Cyber Centaurs for eDiscovery are:

• Early Case Assessments
• Identification of Cost Effective Solutions
• Different Production Formats
• Searchable Data sets
• Native Files review
• OCR and De-duplication
• Bates Numbering
• Metadata Retention
• Complying with legal holds
• Scalable Collections
• Production of evidence and documents
• eDiscovery Consulting
• Rule 26(f) conference assistance.
• Litigation and Trial Support
• Preliminary Discovery Efforts
• Review Hosting
• Predictive Review / TAR

Gainesville Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensics is the method of preserving and analyzing digital evidence in a way where examined evidence is unaltered and admissible in a legal court. Our Computer Forensic Examiners have obtained specialized training and certification in order to assist you appropriately.

Our Computer Forensic Examiners have received specialized training and certification in order to properly assist you with investigations involving PC’s, cell phones and other digital storage devices.

We provide law firms and organizations with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis.

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Nothing Disappears Without A Trace!

• E-Mail Recovery.
• Internet History Tracing, Websites (URLs) Visited.
• Deleted, Erased, or Hidden Files and Data.
• Dates On All Files (Created, Accessed, Modified).
• Litigation support, trial preparation, experienced expert witnesses, and professional courtroom displays.


We Discover What They Left Behind!

• Retrieve call logs, to and from.
• Recover email, sent and received.
• Recover Text messages, sent and received.
• Recover pictures from SMS and MMS messages.
• Validate dates on all messages and data.
• And much more…

Our team utilizes the latest technological advancements combined with years of training to assist you investigation your case. Regardless if it is an Apple iPhone, a Mac Book computer, a Laptop or a corporate storage server, you can rest assured that our team is well equipped and ready to engage.

Is your Firm Local to Florida?

Yes, our main office is located in central Florida, and we have team members in satellite offices throughout the State including North Florida and Gainesville.

Do you have any experience testifying in Court?

Yes, our team has testified in depositions, court hearings and have testified in both state and federal trials.

Are your Consultants Certified?

The engagement team here at Cyber Centaurs holds some of the most sought after industry certifications. While there are too numerous to list, they do include: Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) and GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA). Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)...

Can you perform remote data collection?

Yes, our team has the ability to conduct remote collection of electronically stored information (esi) from computers, servers and mobile phones anywhere globally.

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