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Superb Computer Forensics and eDiscovery services in Boston
Boston is a culturally significant city. From the settlements of the Puritans to the American revolutionary battles to the commercially and economically relevant city it is right now.
Sadly, one thing that has also evolved is cybercrime. That is why Cyber Centaurs is here.
Digital Forensics is the practice of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. We provide digital forensics services for the residents of Boston in a legal battle.
Why Cyber Centaurs?
Our professional service team has the experience, technology, and expertise to assist you in your legal case or in-house investigation.

We provide law firms and corporations with professional investigative services to resolve business disputes, employment matters, and insurance claims and assist in litigation, through fact-finding and critical analysis.
We provide Concrete evidence, Solid testimony, and accomplish successful outcomes. Call us today at (617) 865-2010

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eDiscovery Services in Fort Lauderdale FL

Discovery is the process that takes place at the initial phase of litigation when parties in dispute are required to provide each other with relevant information and evidence pertaining to the case. Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery applies to the electronically stored information (ESI) component of discovery. Which has quickly become the bulk of discoverable information during a legal proceeding.

Examples of ESI include emails, website content, sms text messages, instant messages from peer-to-peer apps, electronic documents and accounting databases. ESI can also encompass raw data or metadata, which our expert investigators can analyze for hidden evidence.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is a critical litigation and investigation asset. Our expertise, combined with leading-edge technology, allows us to identify, collect, process and manage ESI data throughout the litigation life cycle.

Computer Forensics

Some of the advantages for using Cyber Centaurs for eDiscovery are:

• Early Case Assessments
• Identification of Cost Effective Solutions
• Different Production Formats
• Searchable Data sets
• Native Files review
• OCR and De-duplication
• Bates Numbering
• Metadata Retention
• Complying with legal holds
• Scalable Collections
• Production of evidence and documents
• eDiscovery Consulting
• Rule 26(f) conference assistance.
• Litigation and Trial Support
• Preliminary Discovery Efforts
• Review Hosting
• Predictive Review / TAR

We offer a variety of services suited to both small and complex cases.

We are here to assist you through the entire process, from preliminary discovery efforts to the production of evidence to opposing counsel. Which includes the identification of esi, the collection, processing, and providing you with assistance for your review.

Cyber Centaurs is experienced in providing litigation support for cases, whether ensuring compliance with legal holds, discovering sources of information relevant to a case, or taking part in Rule 26(f) conferences before discovery is conducted.

Additionally, we focus on the technical matters in E-discovery in order to locate all potential evidence for a case and then succeed in collecting that information for your needs. After collection, we can analyze that data in order to reduce the amount of duplicate content and deliver it to you in an easily searchable format. Once all the data has been sorted for relevance and privilege, we can deliver the content to the opposing counsel in the format requested by them.

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Why Cyber Centaurs

• Fast and Professional Services
• Secured Evidence Storage
• Chain of custody of digital evidence
• Simple, yet detailed custom forensic reporting
• Legally admissible in court
• Forensically sound tools and procedures
• Can process virtually any device
• Most sought after Certifications
• Industry leading forensic platforms
• Industry leading data processing & hosting solutions

Computer Forensic Services in Fort Lauderdale FL

Digital Forensics is the practice of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. This field is also often referred to as Computer Forensics and is distinctly different from other technical specialties, which focus on the creation or management of digital data. The difference is due to the specialized nature of Digital Forensics, which is most often utilized for investigative or legal purposes. Every case in Digital Forensics is unique based on the investigative goals and the circumstances of the case..
Popular depictions on fictional crime dramas simplify digital forensics cases as just requiring the press of a single button of an automated tool and then the “smoking gun” instantly pops up on the screen. This popular portrayal of digital forensics is far from the truth. Digital Forensics requires an in-depth knowledge of filesystems, storage devices, operating systems, networks, databases, programs, the internet, and legal procedures; in order to be able to successfully understand all the pieces of evidence that form the complete picture of the case.

This combination of knowledge requires skilled experts across multiple disciple. Here at Data Analyzers, we have trained and certified forensic experts to perform these duties for your investigative needs. We employ Certified Computer Examiners to perform our forensic examinations. Using our staff, we offer these essential computer forensic services:
• Forensic Imaging
• Forensic and Enterprise Data Collections
• Full Forensic and Network Investigations
• Discreet Network Acquisitions
• Metadata Analysis
• Affidavits and Detailed Expert Reports

What are some of the uses of Digital Forensics?

Digital Forensics requires the use of rigorously tested and forensically sound methods to ensure any evidence holds up in the court of law. From the initial acquisition of electronically stored information to the final conclusions in an expert witness report, all the evidence must be handled in admissible and defensible way. This differs from traditional data recovery, where any technique is permissible to be utilized no matter how destructive it may be, as long as the data is recovered.
Here at Data Analyzers we utilize these standards for all our Digital Forensic cases in order to ensure they are of the highest quality:

• Forensically Sound Tools and Procedures
• Tested Hardware Write Blockers
• Industry Leading Software and Techniques
• Secured Evidence Storage and Access Tools
• Chain of Custody
• Detail Forensic Reporting

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Is your Firm Local to Florida?

Yes, our main office is located in central Florida, and we have team members in satellite offices throughout the USA.

Do you have any experience testifying in Court?

Yes, our team has testified in depositions, court hearings and have testified in both state and federal trials.

Are your Consultants Certified?

The engagement team here at Cyber Centaurs holds some of the most sought after industry certifications. While there are too numerous to list, they do include: Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) and GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA). Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)...

Can you perform remote data collection?

Yes, our team has the ability to conduct remote collection of electronically stored information (esi) from computers, servers and mobile phones anywhere globally.

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