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Data Breach, Incident Response Investigations Jacksonville FL

Cyber Centaurs is a leading incident response and cyber security firm serving Jacksonville Florida. As a professional service firm Cyber Centaurs provides services and solutions to corporations, law firms, educational institutions and government entities. Cyber Centaurs has years of experience investigating data breaches, and cyber-attacks both locally in Jacksonville and Duval county, as well as national and global breaches.

Our team has been assisting clients in Jacksonville for over a decade with the investigation of data breaches and the improvement of their cyber security. Our work culture prides itself on our technical capabilities, high ethical standards and fast response times. Regardless if it’s a network compromise by a hacker, ransomware, or if you are in need of proactive cyber security measures, such as a vulnerability assessment or a penetration test, our team is here to assist and guide you. Call us or contact us via web form to schedule a consultation.

Data Breach, Incident Response Jacksonville FL

When a data breach has occurred, or there is a suspicion of a hacker or adversary having gained access to your computer, network or email account a proper investigation should be conducted immediately.

Knowing that the more rapid a forensic investigation as part of an incident response is being conducted, the greater the chance of finding and preserving all the evidence. Which then, can be handed over to the FBI or Secret Services to further trace and investigate the hackers or cybercrime groups which may have been responsible for the cyber-attack. Furthermore, assistance from a cyber security firm can provide confirmation to what resources may have been accesses, and can provide reassurance that the intruders are gone and finally locked out for good.

Why Cyber Centaurs?

Most of our clients utilize our services because of our unique ability to blend complex cyber expertise, investigative know how, and cutting edge legal strategies to identify suspects, gather hard to find evidence and bring them to justice, or to refute frivolous lawsuits.

Our capabilities, certifications and experience include:


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)


GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA)


Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI)


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)


Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC)


Experience with all common Operating Systems


Experience with Network Forensics and IP Tracing


Experienced in Malware Analysis

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments, Jacksonville FL

Vulnerability Assessment is process of identifying and classifying security holes and vulnerabilities in an organizations’ computer systems, network or communication infrastructure.

Why Vulnerability Assessments?

New Vulnerabilities emerge every day, Vulnerability assessment can help in identifying real exploitable vulnerabilities that can leave a computer network compromised. Tracking and patching such vulnerabilities, as well as being able to satisfy any regulatory compliance are two of the main reasons vulnerability assessments are being conducted.

Our Vulnerability scanning services delivers a vast and cutting edge analysis of common, new and exotic vulnerabilities. The experienced team of cyber security consultants at Cyber Centaurs uses both internal and external scanners to accurately detect vulnerabilities across your entire network.

What is a Penetration test?

A penetration test is a simulated attack on your systems and network infrastructure by utilizing tools and techniques similar to those used by threat actors to breach your organizations security measures. By using specific methodologies to attack your servers, desktops, web applications, routers, vpn’s and firewalls, the penetration test will reveal the true strength of the cyber security defenses of your company or institution.

Why Penetration Testing?

Most organizations are the target of random, indiscriminate attacks. Companies typically seek to prevent security breaches with layers of defensive mechanisms, including user controls, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. However, continued sophistication of attackers and cyber criminals with new technologies has made it even more challenging for corporations defend their computer network.

Without appropriate penetration testing, though, they have no certainty to ensuring that these defenses mechanisms that they have implemented are actually adequate. A penetration test identifies the vulnerabilities that leave your infrastructure exposed, and goes even as far as exploiting them to simulate a full attack on your organizations computer network. This is terms provides you with the information you need to close any gaps in your security.


Yes, we are a central Florida based and founded cybersecurity firm. While our main office is located in Lake Mary, we have team members in satellite offices throughout the State. North Florida and Jacksonville, specifically, is one of our most active areas of service engagement. Contact us immediately at (407) 777-4540 for assistance with your case.

There is a short window of opportunity between the detection of an initial compromise and the ability to prevent an attacker from fulfilling his objectives. Having a local expert can provide you with the rapid response needed to reduce the breach exposure time, rather than having to wait for a team to fly in from out of state.

While our team has a vast amount of capabilities and comes from a diverse background, some of the capabilities and certifications include: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE), GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC), Experience with all common Operating Systems, Experience with Network Forensics and IP Tracing, Experienced in Malware Analysis

In many cases, we can conduct a remote investigation. Ultimately it will depend on your particular infrastructure and situation. Call us at (407) 777-4540 to further discuss your situation and particular needs, so that we can best determine the most suited steps for analysis and remediation.


The eDiscovery & Computer Forensic Experts Serving Jacksonville FL

Cyber Centaurs is a leading digital forensic and electronic discovery firm in Florida. Your digital forensic consultants and electronic discovery litigation support team id here to assist you with both small and large matters. From single to large discovery matters and from single device forensic investigations to complex expert witness matters, as a client focused firm serving Jacksonville Florida, you can rest assured that our team which has been serving Jacksonville FL since over a decade has the experience and qualifications to assist you in your matter. Our team counts among its credentials its excellent reputation, media interviews and some of the most sought after industry certifications.

eDiscovery Services in Jacksonville FL

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is a critical litigation and investigation asset. Our expertise, combined with leading-edge technology, allows us to identify, collect, process and manage ESI data throughout the litigation life cycle.
Once ESI data which may be responsive to litigation has been identified and located, it must be collected in a way which preserves its forensically-defensible integrity, including all Metadata. This among other things can identify the author, recipient, time of creation and often edit history. Unwittingly spoiling the potential evidence trail can occur much faster than anticipated. At Cyber Centaurs we specialize in the collection and processing of electronically stored information to avoid issues of spoliation or inadequate collection of data.

Some of the advantages for using
Cyber Centaurs for eDiscovery are:

We offer a variety of services suited to
both small and complex cases

We are here to assist you through the entire process, from preliminary discovery efforts to the production of evidence to opposing counsel. Which includes the identification of esi, the collection, processing, and providing you with assistance for your review.

Cyber Centaurs is experienced in providing litigation support for cases, whether ensuring compliance with legal holds, discovering sources of information relevant to a case, or taking part in Rule 26(f) conferences before discovery is conducted.

Additionally, we focus on the technical matters in E-discovery in order to locate all potential evidence for a case and then succeed in collecting that information for your needs. After collection, we can analyze that data in order to reduce the amount of duplicate content and deliver it to you in an easily searchable format. Once all the data has been sorted for relevance and privilege, we can deliver the content to the opposing counsel in the format requested by them.

Why Cyber Centaurs?


Fast and Professional Services


Secured Evidence Storage


Chain of custody of digital evidence


Simple, yet detailed custom forensic reporting


Legally admissible in court


Forensically sound tools and procedures


Can process virtually any device


Most sought after Certifications


Industry leading forensic platforms


Industry leading data processing & hosting solutions

Computer Forensic Services in
Jacksonville FL

Digital Forensics is the practice of identifying, preserving, investigating, and presenting digital evidence in a forensically sound and legally admissible manner. Our Digital Forensic specialist serving Jacksonville hold a variety of certifications, profound industry awareness which combined with years of experience is here to assist you with your case.
We provide law firms and organizations with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis.

Regardless if you are the plaintiff or council for the defense, in this day and age, computer technology is being used in various ways which when examined can often assist you in your case. A computer forensic examination of a Desktop, laptop or mobile phone will often provide digital artifacts, which can be presented in court.

Jacksonville Litigation support

Regardless if you are the plaintiff or council for the defense, in this day and age, innovative technology is being used in various ways which when examined can often assist you in your case. A digital forensic examination of a computer, notepad or smart phone will frequently provide evidence, which can be presented in court.
Our experienced computer forensic examiners can assist you with the collection of custodians in Jacksonville Florida, the examination of current and deleted data, e-discovery and consulting services.

Corporate Litigation Support in Jacksonville

Corporate litigation is becoming more and more complex to manage. Forensic Analyzers assists corporations in human resource disputes, finding and preserving inappropriate employee activity, consultation during a discovery request as well as counter espionage

Individual Litigation Support in Jacksonville

Individuals in Jacksonville have used Forensic Analyzers to assist in infidelity investigations of a cheating spouse, estate settlements, divorce cases and more… If a computer, a laptop or a smart phone such as the I-phone or an Android was involved we can help.

In addition we provide Jacksonville computer forensic services to Private Investigators, Forensic accountants and many other service providers.

Computer Forensics is needed in a variety of cases, whether for individuals, corporations, or attorneys


Yes, our main office is located in central Florida, and we have team members in satellite offices throughout the State including North Florida and Jacksonville.

Yes, our team has testified in depositions, court hearings and have testified in both state and federal trials.

The engagement team here at Cyber Centaurs holds some of the most sought after industry certifications. While there are too numerous to list, they do include: Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) and GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA). Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)...

Yes, our team has the ability to conduct remote collection of electronically stored information (esi) from computers, servers and mobile phones anywhere globally.