Never pay for fraudulent insurance claims.

Insurance fraud has existed ever since the beginning of insurance and a commercial enterprise. Fraudulent claims account for a significant portion of all claims received each year and cost billions annually. Our digital forensic team has worked with countless of insurance adjusters and insurance companies to assist their fraud investigation with digital artifacts. In many cases we can provide key evidence extracted from the cloud, smart phone devices, laptops and personal computers.

Why use a professional firm for insurance investigations?

Smaller insurance companies often do not have the in-house resources to conduct a proper forensic investigation on an insured. Large national insurance firms, while they might have the resources and abilities to properly conduct in-house investigations on insurance claims, the findings could be compromised in court. The preferred option is to hire an experienced and certified third party digital forensic firm that can provide unbiased evidence, reports and testimony.

Why Cyber Centaurs?

Cyber Centaur is the proven partner for insurance companies that believe they have discovered instances of insurance fraud. Our Team has been investigating insurance fraud cases since 2009 and has worked with Law firms retained by insurance companies, insurance adjusters and has worked with insurance companies directly. Cyber Centaur can quickly investigate digital devices for evidence of insurance fraud or attempt to defraud. Evidence of the act or evidence of plans to defraud are often left behind and can be revealed based on mobile phone text messages, computer browser history and social media sources. Some of the types of cases we have assisted with include:

  • Arson (Commercial and Residential)
  • Motor vehicle (automobile insurance fraud)
  • Insurance coverage via electronic signature
  • Health insurance Billing Fraud
  • Cyber Fraud