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Endpoint protection is frequently used to describe platforms that address endpoint security issues. These platforms assist in combating against zero-day exploits, attacks, as well as unintentional data leakage derived from human error.

Without proper endpoint protection, corporations of any size quickly lose control over sensitive data, the minute the data is duplicated to an external device such as a flash drive, external hard drive or the cloud. Likewise the moment the moment intrusion happens sensitive data can be exfiltrated from the corporation if no endpoint protection is in place.

Therefore endpoint Protection is a crucial component of a modern security defense that should be part of your companies’ security and cyber defense mechanism.


Organizations cite unpatched and obsolete software as their biggest security risk.

7 out of 10

Organizations report that their endpoint security risk has increased drastically during the previous year.

4 out of 5

Organizations no longer trust Anti-Virus software as a reliable defense mechanism to protect their data.

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