Employee Data Theft Investigations

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    When employees leave. Besides taking their mugs and laptops with them, they might be taking your company. Sounds a bit far-fetched? Not anymore. With a simple USB drive, or stored in the Cloud, your next big idea might hit the market as someone else’s golden egg…

    Online collaborations and data sharing is becoming a part of daily business. Your company information is not a secret anymore. Your database, built up with patience and hard-earned client trust, may start flowing away like water. At Cyber Centaurs we specialize in investigations that target employee data theft.

    Our EDTI Model is the most advanced process for investigating employee data theft!

    While most digital forensic firms bill by the hour, making cost unpredictable, our program offers flat fee digital forensic examinations. Our Employee Data Theft Investigation (EDTI) model is the most advanced process for corporations to investigate employee data theft. Our innovative automation gets results cheaper and faster! But unlike others who would offer to protect your market research, your strategies and your plans, Cyber Centaurs do not generalize. We offer a specialized targeted solution. Backed by years of experience, we bring you the best experts in business espionage.

    Our proprietary solution uses machine learning and automation to quickly process and identify digital evidence. We can collect data remotely from anywhere across the globe. Don’t wait for your PowerPoint to appear on your competitor’s table before you take action! Pay a flat fee for Cyber Centaurs’ forensic service and take protecting your business to a new level.

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