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Finding evidence rapidly , and finding evidence that is reliable are crucial during corporate cyber investigations. Repeatable and defensible investigation and reporting is the key to success.


Corporate Cyber Investigations

Often organizations turn to their compliance staff if in existence, for simple investigations on allegations of employee misconduct, and turn to outside consultants for more complex matters. The extensive scope of internal codes of conduct and regulatory obligations means that investigations today occur more frequently, cover a broader scope of circumstances, and likely detect more misconduct than in the past. Combine this with enhanced opportunities for criminal behavior due to increasingly complex business structures, de-centralized operations, and technology advancement, and it becomes conspicuous that employee data theft and insider threat situations are continuing to escalate at a rapid rate.

Corporate Cyber Investigations Hub

Welcome to our Corporate Cyber Investigations hub here at Cyber Centaurs.

Corporate investigations are a growing risk in every industry and they are increasing both in quantity and complexity.

In order to combat the staggering amount of business and revenue loss due to gross employee misconduct, we want to provide you with some valuable and free resources to assist you with the investigation of employee data theft, Embezzlement, Fraudulent Vendor Invoices, Whistle-blower investigations, Non-Compete Violations and other serious matters that should be investigated.

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Develop awareness of the most common risks, best practice and industry trends in combating employee data theft. Learn the dangers of the cloud, risks of using personal devices (smart phones, laptops) and more, by downloading the employee data theft Whitepaper.

10 Steps to Reduce Employee Data Theft

We have designed this free Action Guide to provide you with 10 steps you and your team can immediately take to reduce your corporate risk and exposure to data theft by employees.

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