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Regardless of the type of investigation, the data always has a story to tell. Our team of digital forensic experts can flesh out the relevant and hidden data to show what occurred on a phone, computer, or even an entire network. Our certified computer forensic examiners will analyze relevant artifacts and can provide reports for the executive team, or to present in court during litigation.

Identifying and locating critical evidence and testimony can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our certified experts provide the data findings and testimony our clients need to prevail in their dispute.

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Digital Forensics is the practice of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. This field is also often referred to as Computer Forensics or digital forensics. Digital Forensics, which is most often utilized for investigative or legal purposes, has specific requirements for the investigator and the process that is being utilized. Every case in Digital Forensics is unique based on the investigative goals and the circumstances of the case.

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