Digital Forensic Analyst

Lake Mary, FL

Job Description: Digital Forensic Analyst
Location: Lake Mary, Florida
Full-time position with Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vacation, Holidays
Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Cyber Centaurs is looking for a digital forensic analyst. As part of our growing team, you will help empower results for our commercial and government clients by delivering effective and innovative solutions supporting clients throughout the state of Florida.

Job Description:
The talented individual will become a vital part of our digital forensic team. Day-to-day activities will include evidence intake, management, and support for forensic investigations. Detailed forensic timeline analysis, parsing, and interpretation of artifacts and writing of forensic reports and executive summaries. This position will require some travel of up to 30%. The ideal candidate will have strong technical and organizational skills and the desire to be part of an innovative team striving for excellence.

Required qualifications to be successful in this role
• Minimum of 3 years of experience working in a digital forensic or cybersecurity environment
• Ability to work greater than 40 hours per week as needed
• Ability to act as full-time on-call for escalation of cybersecurity incidents
• Experience with forensic data acquisition using a variety of imaging types and methods
• Experience with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux-based operating systems, including CLIs for each
• Strong knowledge of forensic best practices pertaining to chain of custody and preservation of evidence procedures
• Familiarity with forensic artifacts typically found in Windows and Linux operating systems
• Experience with volatile memory analysis
• Experience in team-oriented investigative or incident response environments, leveraging other teams’ experience and specialties as required
• Technical report writing experience
• Experience with forensic acquisition and examination of mobile devices using a variety of hardware and software tools
• Experience in Linux systems, Windows systems, Active Directory, and network administration
• Ability to analyze workflow, processes, tools, and procedures to create further efficiency both internal and external to the laboratory
• Excellent verbal and written communication and experience presenting technical findings to a wide audience of varying technical expertise

Desired Majors:
Computer Forensics M.S
Computer Forensics B.S
Computer Science M.S
Computer Science B.S
(or related Engineering and Computer Degrees)

Additional beneficial skills:
1) Any certifications related to Computer Forensics or Cyber Security
2) Any legal experience, course work, certificate, paralegal experience area plus
3) Ability to program in Python

About Cyber Centaurs:
Cyber Centaur is a professional service firm that provides cybersecurity, digital forensics, and electronic discovery services and solutions to law firms, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. Being able to supply our clients with reliable treat Intelligence, offensive and defensive cyber risk mitigation solutions in combination with our profound digital forensic investigative capabilities has made Cyber Centaur a sought after commodity for both law firms and corporations.