Future of Automation in Digital Forensics

Categories: Blog, Digital Forensics Posted on: January 30, 2020

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference 2018 program featured 67 sessions led by 64 industry experts organized under the primary tracks of Audit/Risk Management, Forensics, Investigations, Information Security, and Sponsor Demos. Session topics included Password Cracking, Digital Evidence from Social Networking, Apple File Systems, Dark Web Investigations, Windows PowerShell, Drone Forensics, IOT / Security in Voice-Based Assistants, and Cryptocurrency.

Future of Automation in Digital Forensics presented by Andrew von Ramin Mapp speaks about the challenges of an ever increasing data volume that forensic investigators in both private and public sectors are facing is only going to continue to increase over the projected future as the world is becoming more and more connected with smart devices, IoT and ever growing storage capacity in hard drives, SSD and NAND Technology.

The only solution to avoid the inevitable, is to start becoming innovative and apply automation. This presentation covers how methods of automation can be applied today as well as a projection of where we should be heading
for the future.