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Advanced Digital Computer Forensics Services

Cyber Centaurs is here to assist when needing custom digital forensics solutions or research. We always welcome opportunities to show our expertise and to deviate from the mundane. See below to provide you with a few examples of what something like this looks like.

Digital Forensics is the practice of preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. This field is also often referred to as computer forensics or digital forensics. Digital Forensics, which is most often utilized for investigative or legal purposes, has specific requirements for the investigator and the process that is being utilized. Every case in digital forensics is unique based on the investigative goals and the circumstances of the case.

A digital forensics company or computer forensics company is a professional service firm that specializes in digital forensics and has digital forensic investigators on staff that have the required expertise, experience, tools and procedures to conduct a forensic analysis or investigation without the spoilation of evidence. In addition, a computer forensics service company has digital forensic experts who can articulate the digital evidence to corporate decision makers, lawyers, a judge or a jury.

Our team is uniquely quailed to conduct computer forensic services as we have over 10 years of experience conducting various cyber investigations ranging from simple investigative matters to high profile cases. Our computer forensics analyst do not only have a profound level of technical understanding, but can also assist you and your team with strategic aspects of an investigation or litigation matter. When retaining Cyber Centaurs, you can rest assured that our team will be able to provide you with fast, efficient and accurate results to answer the who, why, when and where and how.

The Differentiator

While our digital forensics examiners maintain some of the most sought-after industry certifications and utilize cutting edge tools, so do some other firms. The real differentiators are the following:


Others Generalize, We Specialize


We understand the technical and legal aspects


Our Team is selective, We do not take every case


We are as comfortable sitting in a corporate data center as in the court room

Proprietary Medical Systems

A client for a medical malpractice case needed to test a proprietary medical records system for which no reliable documentation existed. We contacted the vendor and were able to obtain a copy of the medical records system for testing purposes. We duplicated the healthcare facilities’ data infrastructure in a virtual environment and started reverse engineering the medical system’s data flow and security features. After diligent testing, we were able to show through a scientific and repeatable process that the medical record system could be altered in such a way that patient records could be entered or removed while simultaneously altering any time stamps to predate such activity as it was relevant to the case. The law firm that retained us in this matter was able to obtain a favorable outcome in this malpractice law suite for its client.

Analysis of 911 Record System

During a litigation matter that had originated from a public records request, a rather complex issue, including the potential alteration of 911 records, came into question. A judge granted an order that would require a detailed audit and analysis of the 911 records system. Both parties agreed to retain us as a neutral for this investigation. The analysis required a multi-day on-premise engagement at the data center location for the system that provided 911 calls for the police and fire department. A rigorous audit which included a detailed investigation of how GPS coordinates for police and first responder vehicles are stored and transmitted, had been conducted, and a comprehensive report was provided that satisfied both parties in this matter.

Drone Forensics Investigation

As Drones are being used more frequently by law enforcement and civilians, the analysis of drone activity is becoming more and more crucial. Drone Forensics is the art of examining data extracted from a drone or an unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The data collected and analyzed can include specific identifying information about the drone, such as its serial number and software version. In addition, geolocation data can be obtained to determine where the drone was located at a specific time period. If the drone can record or transmit video data, the footage can also be captured and analyzed for its completeness and integrity. When a case requires the identification of a UAV and any evidence it captured to determine its validity, then drone forensics is the appropriate science to assist in this matter. Cyber Centaurs has experience in this process and can assist you and your team.

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